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We all need tools to work with. Think how far society has come in the last 100 years. Most people do not realize nor appreciate that the poorest American today lives far better and a more comfortable life than the richest American did 100 years ago. By any measure: life expectancy, health, medicine, comfort, devices, food, clothing, heating, even transportation, I could go on and on.

Step-by-Step Guide: Princess to Queen

Step-by-Step Guide: Princess to Queen is an Officer Training developed by the Education Development Committee to promote successful and confident leaders. The training is formatted for the use of Temple leaders and may also be a useful tool for the members of the Action Team Committee to implement at a Temple when recruiting Temple Officers.

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Do you know of a member who is actively involved in fundraising activities, or educating others about the Daughters of the Nile Foundation, or have contributed to the Foundation, and should be recognized? The Daughters of the Nile Foundation is extremely grateful for these kind of contributions to aid us in our mission of helping children.


One of the main ingredients in a successful Temple is mentoring. With mentoring you increase your knowledge and enthusiasm for wanting to get involved in the different aspects of the organization and you want the world to know just how great the Daughters of the Nile are.

Legacy Program

Daughters of the Nile exists to provide friendly fellowship and an atmosphere in which we advance the elevation of womanhood. There is no better way to do this then to include our families: mothers, daughters, sisters-in-laws, step-daughters, aunts, nieces and cousins. Any female related by birth or marriage qualifies!!