The Mentor Program

Does your Temple have a problem keeping new Princesses? Do they come in the front door and never come back? Could it be because no one helps them with their questions about what do I wear, where do I sit, and maybe no one volunteers to sit with the new Princesses at their first few Sessions to show them how and what to do when or just be a friend so they don’t have to sit by themselves?

When I came into the Nile in September 1999, I had a good friend who helped me get oriented to everything. Had I been left to my own devices, I am not sure if I would have walked in again not knowing what to do. Now look the journey I have been on and am still going on. Wouldn’t change it for anything!!

Everyone needs to have a friend when you go into a new organization, so she knows what to do. I think we all are a little shy with anything new we are not sure of.

The Membership and Public Relations Committee can assist your Temple with this. All you need do is ask one of the Committee members. The Committee can come to your Temple and you can ask other Temples to come if they are willing to drive a bit to get this education.

The Program can normally be done is a 4-5-hour time frame or you can do the full day. You can have information on Membership (how to get and keep them), Public Relations, ways to get new members, as well as a discussion on how to prevent bullying in your Temple. I believe all Temples do have bullying going on, some more than others, and they don’t even realize it.
All of the above can be done in one day – and, you have time for fun and loads of fellowship. But, don’t forget the food.

Basically, what the Mentorship Program does is show you how to be a new friend to someone you may have proposed and encouraged, and just show them the ropes and what fun the new Princesses can have when they jump right in and get active by joining a Unit or Club. Give them a job to do right away so there is a reason for them to come to the next Session and the next and the next! In addition to the above things available, we have a USB,
available for $5, which you can request from Vesta Marshall, PSQ. It contains a video about “Who we Are.” In addition, you can request copies of “The Mentor Guide” for your information from the Supreme Princess Recorder through your Temple Princess Recorder at no cost to you.

Jackie Patton, Past Queen, El Tehran Temple No. 122, Atlanta, Georgia
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee

A Beautiful Legacy

“Walter M. Krows contracted the construction of his home on a West Seattle lot overlooking Elliott Bay and downtown Seattle. It was completed in 1904, and on June 1 of that year, he and Mabel, surrounded by friends and family, were married in the parlor. They lived in their home for over 50 years. Growing in their garden was a white rose bush, established from slips of the roses Mrs. Krows carried at her wedding.

On February 20, 1913, Mabel Krows invited 11 of her friends to meet for organizing Daughters of the Nile. Mabel’s 11 friends enthusiastically supported her in her desire to create an organization that promoted high ideas for women, serve the community and provided social context for lasting friendships. It was later that these women decided to expand their group to 22 women, that we now call the Founders, they were intelligent, modern, forward thinking women who possessed profound organizational skill. They accomplished within months the foundation of the organization, which functions today on their original guidelines, ideas and principals. These ladies also realized that in order to succeed at anything they must have a purpose.

Their first aim was to find someone to write a ritual. Noble Charles Fastus Whaley, a man in his early seventies, was asked and consented. As he wrote, he often met with the ladies to read what he had
written. He had a fine voice and read with much feeling giving encouragement to those present. Because of the great age difference between him and the club members, he called them “daughters” and, in
respect, they called him Uncle Charles. Noble Whaley’s picture is in the Daughters of the Nile ritual, which is the only honor he ever received.

In 1913, this time in history the ladies wore high-button shoes, long dresses in the daytime, pinched waist and they all had long hair carefully twisted on top of their heads, fastened with big bone hairpins.

These were all intelligent women, energetic women, living in a time where women stayed at home. They were not interested in politics, as they could not vote. They needed something constructive in their lives, as all women do. We know now that their achievement was due to their determination to succeed with the idea of forming a group of women of dignity with a purpose.

When life is over it is what you leave behind that counts. They have left a beautiful legacy.”

Please share your enthusiasm about Daughters of the Nile with your family and friends and let them know what Daughters of the Nile is and what we do for the Shriners Hospitals for Children®.

Excerpts taken from the “1913-2013 Celebrating 100 Years of Daughters of the Nile History.” Sorry this book is no longer available for purchase. Perhaps someone at your Temple may have one, if you would like to gather additional information.

Eleanor Green, PSQ, Supreme Pr. Recorder, has available for purchase “1913 Early Years” for $3.00 and, also, a small Nile History for $7.00. Your Temple’s Pr. Recorder should have the Nile History. If you would like to order, please email PSQ Eleanor at

Nile love & Hugs
Nancy Markham
Nancy Markham, PQ
Isis Temple No. 41, Evansville, Indiana
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee


I recently heard this story told of a Historian, who was recording folk history in Illinois in the 1970’s.

Several people in the countryside told him of a farmer that owned the axe Abraham Lincoln had used when splitting logs for a living when he was a young man.

The Historian finally found this farmer who was in his yard splitting wood. He asked him about this story of Abraham Lincoln. The farmer replied, “Yes, it’s true, and he worked for a while splitting wood for my great-great grandfather.” The farmer went on to say his great-great-grandfather had bought a new axe from a peddler the day before, so when Lincoln came to work there, he gave the new axe to him to use, and, once Lincoln left, the farmer and his family kept that axe ever since.

“That’s a real historical treasure,” said the Historian. “It really ought to be in a museum. Would you mind going into the house and bringing it out so I could see it?” “Oh, we know it’s important,” said the farmer. “I take it to the school from time to time and tell the kids about it and Lincoln. It seems to sorta make him real for them. But I don’t have to go into the house, I’ve got it here.”

He handed the horrified Historian the axe he had been using. “You mean you’re still USING it?”

“Sure thing, he said, “an axe is meant to be used.”

The historian looked it over carefully; “I must say your family has certainly taken good care of it”.

“Sure, we know we’re protecting history. Why, we’ve replaced the handle twice and the head once!!!”

In many ways our organizations are like Abraham Lincoln’s axe. We all tend to assume that things have always been the way they were when we joined. And we become fiercely protective of that. But, in fact, we’ve done more than ‘replace the handle twice and the head once.’

  • In a 1913 decision, each candidate was given a head dress to wear; that was changed in 1925.
  • The Secret Work was coded in 1916; due to changes in the near past, the Secret Work is now contained in the Ritual.
  • In 1917, only Past Queen’s could purchase Rituals, now any member may do so.
  • Originally some members of Temples visited the River Nile in Egypt and brought home water from the Nile to use in Ceremonials. Unfortunately, that is no longer allowed, and probably not a good idea nowadays.
  • Formerly all members were instructed to wear floor length dress; however, recently in keeping with the times, that rule was changed so those not participating in Ritual may now wear pants suits or dressy pants.
  • In 1929, it was determined that the Supreme Queen be installed in her home town; nowadays, it is in a hostess city she had chosen when she was Supreme Princess Badoura.
  • In the past only Elected Officers and Past Queens were entitled to vote at Supreme Session. That was changed to include three Ladies of the Household, and changed again several years ago to permit five Ladies of the Household the vote.
  • Membership originally was only to wives, daughters, mothers, widows and sisters of Shriners. That rule has changed many times, and currently also includes those same female relatives of Master Masons, those related to a Daughter of the Nile, past members of Masonic related groups for girls, and former female patients of a Shriners Hospital with or without Masonic Shrine or Masonic relationship.

So, you see our organization is like Abe Lincoln’s axe in another way. For, although the handle and head have been replaced, the group is still the one originally founded in Seattle by those women who were our “Abe Lincoln’s.” In spite of the many changes which have already happened and the changes which are bound to happen in the future, Daughters of the Nile like any living thing, must change and grow or die.

From an original article from the Oklahoma Mason April-May, 1995, but changed to represent Daughters of the Nile.

Donna Dedrick, Past Queen
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee

Have you heard the news?


There is excitement throughout the (world of) Daughters of the Nile. A new Temple is coming (August 2019) into our world of service and friendship. Welcome, Shakar Temple No. 165, U.D., São Paulo, Brazil.


Share the excitement and news with your Temple. What a wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate the caring, friendship, and service to the children of the Shriners Hospitals for Children®.
As Membership Chairman, why not set a goal for your Temple to have more than two Ceremonials this 2019? This would make for positive growth. Use this time to make us GREAT!! Do more than give an oral report or no report in Session. How about a skit or song??


CHALLENGE the Ladies of the Household to call and talk to their friends and associates about their Shrine/Masonic relatives. They may just remember a greatgrandfather, cousin, or uncle who was always going to his “Lodge meeting.” Friends may not realize that a relative a generation or so ago will qualify them for membership.
A lady who has remarried and has a new step-family may not realize that those members are now eligible for Nile membership.
OPEN the door to our wonderful world of service, which is also a world of friendship and sociability for all those 18 years of age or older.
RECONNECT with your friends from the past when you were in the International Order of Rainbow for Girls, Job’s Daughters, or another Masonic-related organization for girls.
Fondly remember what fun you shared during your days of happy service to others.
REACH OUT to former members of a Temple that is no longer in existence. Remind those ladies of our wonderful work (for our special children) and friendship.
RE-IGNITE their enthusiasm. If the distance is too far for them to attend Sessions, maybe a Club could be started in their area under your Temple.
Daughters of the Nile has always had one Focus – one Charity – Shriners Hospitals for Children® as supported through the Daughters of the Nile Foundation and the Canadian Foundation.

Change starts with me!! Change starts now!! Change starts with WE!!

Betsy Yount, Past Queen
Merret Temple No. 103 / Sydyk Temple No. 107 (Dual Member)
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee

Have you been inspired?

As I sit down to write this, I wondered – does anybody read these monthly membership articles? We are hoping that they are an inspiration to some of you. If not, then we’re doing it all wrong. As they say, you can’t keep doing things the same way and expect different results.
We all need tools to work with. Think how far society has come in the last 100 years. Most people do not realize nor appreciate that the poorest American today lives far better and a more comfortable life than the richest American did 100 years ago. By any measure: life expectancy, health, medicine, comfort, devices, food, clothing, heating, even transportation, I could go on and on. However, the biggest change to improve our lives has been the development of the internet. Overnight the internet gave us untold information with the click of a finger. Now most of you use the internet to communicate with friends, family, and acquaintances, even if they are thousands of miles away or just across town.
This is not costly, but does require your time.

Being a Daughter of the Nile is not costly. That depends on you and how involved you want to become. Being a Daughter of the Nile is not time consuming, that also depends on you. Being a Daughter of the Nile who supports membership is depending on you. We need your help! All Daughters of the Nile should be reminded they are on the membership committee. You have the tools to make this
organization succeed! Your faith in Daughters of the Nile is what keeps us going and growing. Your camaraderie with the Daughters of the Nile women is what you should share with your relatives, friends,
and people whom you know who are eligible to join us. Always, take your tools with you and wear something with a Nile emblem. Someone will ask what they symbol means. Always have a proposal with you. Do you have the 10 Questionnaire brochures? Ask your Temple’s membership chairman or Princess Recorder for these brochures.
Our future depends on you!

Our Shriners Hospitals children rely on our support.
Nancy Markham, Past Queen
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee
Isis Temple No. 41
Evansville, Indiana

The Membership Power of One

What if you said “hello” to just ONE more person in Session?
What if you called ONE person from your membership each month?
What if you invited just ONE person outside of Nile to attend your event?
What if each member of our Order, invited just ONE new person to join?
We would in fact DOUBLE! The Power of One, Membership Magic.

One song can spark a moment, one flower can wake the dream.
One tree can start a forest, one bird can herald spring.
One smile begins a friendship, one handclasp lifts a soul.
One star can guide a ship at sea, one work can frame the goal.
One vote can change a nation, one sunbeam lights a room.
One candle wipes out darkness, one laugh will conquer gloom.
One stop must start each journey, one word must start each prayer.
One hope will raise our spirits, one touch can show you care.
One voice can speak with wisdom, one heart can know what’s true,
One life can make the difference,
You see, it’s up to YOU!!

Spread the Membership Power of One!
Heather Herridge, Past Queen
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee
Oasis Temple No. 46, Montreal, Quebec

Have you duplicated yourself this year?

Do you have any idea what that means? We all know that membership is the most important thing on our agenda right now and – keeping those that we currently have.
If everyone would propose eligible women, follow through the process, and encourage them to come in to Daughters of the Nile, just think how many new Princesses we would get. Just one new member for each of us is not a lot to ask. It takes everyone to participate in order to maintain and/or improve our membership numbers. Without improvement in numbers, we
only have one direction to go.
We all know the 80/20% rule. That rule is that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the members. So, we need all 100% of our members to get on board with this effort to duplicate ourselves.
Most of us have clothing, pins, and jewelry which shows all who see us wear it that we are in the Daughters of the Nile. If women ask about it or make a comment on it, that is your opening to talk about Daughters of the Nile and find out if they have a connection.
If your Temple has not had a Membership/Mentor Program presented at your Temple, you really need to check on the program and contact the Supreme Membership/Public Relations Committee to ask for the program to be presented. The committee members will help get a fire started in your Temple and, hopefully, get people more enthused about our wonderful
organization. If a Temple near you has a workshop going, attend and get educated. It is a lot of fun with lots to learn. Also, now there is another educational part to this workshop and it is about bullying. Yes, bullying does happen. You can learn how to recognize bullying and also
how to eliminate it.
At the end of the workshop day, those who attend will be a Certified Mentor. You will be able to help new members feel comfortable coming to Session, as they will know what to do.
Membership begins with “ME” and that means you need to be proactive in your proposing of new members and keeping tabs on the process for those whom you recommend.
Just remember – I have my duplicate member, have you found yours?

Jackie Patton, Past Queen
El Tehran Temple No. 122
Supreme Temple Membership/Public Relations Committee

This is the season of giving

As members of Daughters of the Nile we can give
The Gifts of….

Membership by inviting another eligible woman to join the Daughters of the Nile and see the gifts we give and share with each other.

Participation by attending our Temple Sessions and events.

Fellowship by joining with other members as we enjoy a variety of activities.

Friendship by sharing with each other as we journey through good and bad times.

Communication by contacting members with notes, calls, and visits to keep in touch.

Giving by giving our time, talents, and love for each other and the children through the Daughters of the Nile.

Mentoring by helping the new members learn to be active members of Daughters of the Nile.

Hope by supporting the Shriners Hospitals for Children® as they help the children and their families enjoy a brighter future.

Growth by building a larger membership where we will continue to develop a strong and vibrant organization.

Let’s start the New Year with the gift membership by proposing a lady to
become a member of our great organization – Daughters of the Nile.

Sue Ellen Hickman, PQ
Zitta Temple No. 27, Baltimore, Maryland
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee

Mind Your Nile Manners

Sometimes we get caught up in the busyness of our Temples.
We are running around organizing fundraisers, sessions, and ceremonials. We are always busy looking for helpers or pro-tems, looking for missing Patrol members, and trying to recruit new members.
Do you sometimes let your thoughts go down that ever too easy negative path?

“Why is it always the same handful of people doing everything?”

“Why can’t we get new members?”

Do you find yourself to be a bit of a “Debbie Downer” or a “Negative Nelly?”

Have you been a little short or impatient with some of your members?

I bet you could name at least one or two ladies in your Temple who fit that description, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that you are not alone.
Take a deep breath, a big step back, and have a good look around.
We need to remember our beautiful lessons which include that of being careful and courteous in our speech and manner.
And, as you know, when we do this, no harm can come to us.
Please be mindful of how you treat one another. Your new members are watching.
Don’t let them run out the back door when you are not paying attention.
Show your fellow members how we can all come together in harmony, because together we can accomplish a whole lot of good!

Heather Herridge, PQ
Supreme Membership and Public Relations Committee
Oasis Temple No. 46, Montreal, Quebec