WOW! What a start.

I hope this finds you all healthy & safe. I'm so sorry this horrible virus has disrupted our lives so much. It has really made it difficult to do our "normal" activities and there is no end in the near future - at least for a couple of months.

In order for me to assume my duties as Queen, I need to be installed. I am not really interested in doing my installation "virtually", so, PQ Susan Corbin has agreed to install me at her home here in Plattsmouth. (There have only been 2 cases here in Cass county, so far). My husband will be there. If there is any interest from any of you, I am learning how to do ZOOM, so it might be possible for you to Zoom in. We're planning to do this the end of next week. If you want to be invited, send me your cell phone number & I'll send you the link and the day & time. We'll install all other officers at our first session..... whenever that may be.

Officers, thank you for agreeing to serve the temple during this year. Needless to say the calendar I gave you at our first meeting is kaput! How much of the calendar will be salvageable is big question. Much will depend upon when we are able to resume some semblance of normalcy. For now Diva Day is postponed and the May quarter auction is questionable. Even if we are allowed to gather in groups greater than ten by the scheduled date for it (May 16), it may be wise to postpone until we are able to draw a bigger crowd. Supreme in June..... so far it has not been canceled, but the registration due date has been extended to May 15. Please rest assured if it is cancelled, your money will be refunded As soon as the Supreme officers make a decision I'm sure they will let us all know.

Pr. Deb Parks who was appointed as Chaplain has agreed take over those duties from Pr Shirley DeVasure as of April 1st. As PQ Karen informed you in her letter, no roses will be distributed for now. Hospitals & funeral homes are not allowing delivery anyway. If you know of someone needing some extra attention, please contact Deb (402-301-7258 or rpus@aol.com)

In the meantime, take care of your selves and your families. Do whatever you can to get through this difficult time. We will get through this and we will be stronger.

And now a Smile to end with....

Why is everyone so tired at the beginning of April?

Because they just finished a 31-day March!!

Stay healthy! Stay home! We'll see you soon...

Roxanne Mrasek