Our temple is participating again in the CoZzzy Comfy Bed Sheet Fundraiser. Many of you already know that these sheets are of high quality. They sell for $40/set and we get $10 for each set sold. Because of COVID, we are going to manage the fundraiser a little differently this time around.

You can go online right now and order the sheets. Go to www.cozzzycomfy.com/online-store to place your order. You can have the sheets shipped to your home. Please share this information with your friends and family. They can go online and order too. There is a shipping charge. It will cost $11-12 to ship one set of sheets but even with the shipping cost, these sheets are much less expensive than what similar sheets sell for at the department stores. When ordering, our online code is: DON - Sat-Ra No. 59.

If you are very ambitious, try to collect orders for 12 sets of sheets from your family and friends (I am attaching an order form here so you can keep track of these orders). They can pay you and then you can go online and submit the order. When you order 12 sets, the shipping charge defaults to $0. If you sell 15, you earn a free set and you can tell CoZzzy Comfy what you want for that free set.

If you do not sell 12 sets and want to bypass the shipping charge, you can send your order form and money to me. Once I have everyone’s order form, I will place the larger order altogether with CoZzzy Comfy. The order will then be delivered to my home and we will have to determine how I can get the order to you.

If you need any help with placing your order, please call Lisa at CoZzzy Comfy and she can take your order for you over the phone. You can reach her at 770-720-0040.

Attached is a copy of a flyer that can be put up at your office or various other places. She also sent me an email stating that if we get 50 orders by posting it on facebook, we can earn an additional $50. This could be huge for us so I am requesting that people please get the word out through social media. Also, if you choose to purchase sheets on your own, will you please email Tina, Roxanne and myself so we can try to keep track of our profit.

As I mentioned during the meeting, if you are planning to order sheets online I suggest getting a group together and place one order so you can avoid paying shipping. If you prefer to pay by check then please send a check payable to Sat-Ra No. 59 to Princess Recorder, Tina Bowerman (22486 Norman Drive, Underwood, IA 51576). Please make sure that the order form is with it and we will compile all orders together so we do not have to pay shipping. All orders MUST be placed no later than October 30th, which means that if you are ordering by check it must be to Tina by October 30th. Please feel free to send this information out to your friends on social media. This could be a great fundraiser during a difficult year.

If you have any questions it would be better to contact me via phone or text at 402-306-9057.

Nile Love,

Princess Angie Larsen
Thanks for reading. See you soon!

Sat-ra Temple No. 59 Communications Team