Ladies of Sat-ra Temple No. 59,

During this unprecedented and scary time, I hope this finds you all safe, healthy & sane. For those of us who are extroverted huggers not seeing you all has been difficult & boring but being who we are we’ll make it if we stick together – but separately.

All of this has caused some interesting edicts to come from Supreme. One of them is that we can have session by teleconference. Our regular session is scheduled to be May 2, 2020. I have discussed with the Potentate the possibility of Tangier being opened by that day. He assured me that it will NOT be opened that early in the month, therefore we have decided to have our May session by teleconference – ZOOM to be specific. The meeting will be abbreviated version of our normal session because there will be no opening & closing ritual. Basically, a business meeting – the first order of business being the installation of the officers attending.

Here are the instructions on how to get connected to the meeting:

Virtual Session meeting instructions
1. Install Zoom app on your phone (go to the App store for iPhones or to Google Play store for Android and download the free version)
2. After it is installed, Open it on your phone, laptop or tablet.
3. Tap "Join a meeting"
4. Enter the Meeting id 620 915 1292 & tap “Join Meeting”
5. A preview of you will appear
6. Tap "Join with Video"
7. In a few seconds the host (that's me) will appear
8. You can leave the meeting anytime.
9. The meeting for Saturday May 2, 2020 will open for joining at 10:15AM with the actual business to start at 10:30AM

Call me if you have questions 402-690-1870.

So to end with a Smile, I have a question for you. Something I’ve been pondering in QuarantineDo you know how heavy the Sun is?

Yeah, neither do I, but it seems pretty light!

Stay home!! Stay safe! Stay Healthy!
Nile Hugs from afar (for now!)
Queen Roxanne

Thanks for reading. See you soon!

The MailPoet Team