The Mentor Program

Does your Temple have a problem keeping new Princesses? Do they come in the front door and never come back? Could it be because no one helps them with their questions about what do I wear, where do I sit, and maybe no one volunteers to sit with the new Princesses at their first few Sessions to show them how and what to do when or just be a friend so they don’t have to sit by themselves?

When I came into the Nile in September 1999, I had a good friend who helped me get oriented to everything. Had I been left to my own devices, I am not sure if I would have walked in again not knowing what to do. Now look the journey I have been on and am still going on. Wouldn’t change it for anything!!

Everyone needs to have a friend when you go into a new organization, so she knows what to do. I think we all are a little shy with anything new we are not sure of.

The Membership and Public Relations Committee can assist your Temple with this. All you need do is ask one of the Committee members. The Committee can come to your Temple and you can ask other Temples to come if they are willing to drive a bit to get this education.

The Program can normally be done is a 4-5-hour time frame or you can do the full day. You can have information on Membership (how to get and keep them), Public Relations, ways to get new members, as well as a discussion on how to prevent bullying in your Temple. I believe all Temples do have bullying going on, some more than others, and they don’t even realize it.
All of the above can be done in one day – and, you have time for fun and loads of fellowship. But, don’t forget the food.

Basically, what the Mentorship Program does is show you how to be a new friend to someone you may have proposed and encouraged, and just show them the ropes and what fun the new Princesses can have when they jump right in and get active by joining a Unit or Club. Give them a job to do right away so there is a reason for them to come to the next Session and the next and the next! In addition to the above things available, we have a USB,
available for $5, which you can request from Vesta Marshall, PSQ. It contains a video about “Who we Are.” In addition, you can request copies of “The Mentor Guide” for your information from the Supreme Princess Recorder through your Temple Princess Recorder at no cost to you.

Jackie Patton, Past Queen, El Tehran Temple No. 122, Atlanta, Georgia
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee

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