Step-by-Step Guide: Princess to Queen

Step-by-Step Guide: Princess to Queen is an Officer Training developed by the Education Development Committee to promote successful and confident leaders. The training is formatted for the use of Temple leaders and may also be a useful tool for the members of the Action Team Committee to implement at a Temple when recruiting Temple Officers. It begins with Step One, which educates an Officer about what is found in each of our resource books. A technique used in finding answers to questions in the Supreme Temple Bylaws is the focus of Step Two. At the current time, the committee has completed Steps One and Two. They have been uploaded to the website for your immediate use.

The training facilitator may choose one or more of the topics below. An Officer Training can be held that is customized for your Temple with the use of the script and handouts included. First, determine the number of hours and days you are able to set aside for the training. Then, depending on the time available for the training, select the topic(s) that meets the needs of your Officers and interested members. Each Temple is unique; therefore, you choose the topic(s). Once the dates and topics are selected, the members can attend the training(s) which interest them.