Mentoring is Key

One of the main ingredients in a successful Temple is mentoring. With mentoring you increase your knowledge and enthusiasm for wanting to get involved in the different aspects of the organization and you want the world to know just how great the Daughters of the Nile are.

Enthusiasm Breeds Recruitment

When you increase the enthusiasm of a new member or member of years you increase your membership, for that lady brings in the proposals for your Temple.

Mentoring Makes Friends

Getting to know your new members increases your social network. Maybe even being introduced to new hobbies or interest. Mentoring works both ways. It’s a learning experience for both parties.

Mentoring Increases Retention

It only makes sense that the more you get involved the more you want to be there. The Units are a great place to keep the interest going. They are the FUN part of Daughters of the Nile, which keeps us young at heart.

Mentoring Helps Reinstatement

By being a Mentor or Friend can help bring back members that have lost interest or are in need of maybe a ride to and from the Stated Sessions or other events held by the Temple or Units.

Mentors have stated that being a mentor enabled them to reflect on their own behaviors and made better decisions. As a result the Mentors believed it had inspired greater motivation for achievement and caused them to re-evaluate their own goals.

Mentoring is a win-win situation!