Have you duplicated yourself this year?

Do you have any idea what that means? We all know that membership is the most important thing on our agenda right now and – keeping those that we currently have.
If everyone would propose eligible women, follow through the process, and encourage them to come in to Daughters of the Nile, just think how many new Princesses we would get. Just one new member for each of us is not a lot to ask. It takes everyone to participate in order to maintain and/or improve our membership numbers. Without improvement in numbers, we
only have one direction to go.
We all know the 80/20% rule. That rule is that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the members. So, we need all 100% of our members to get on board with this effort to duplicate ourselves.
Most of us have clothing, pins, and jewelry which shows all who see us wear it that we are in the Daughters of the Nile. If women ask about it or make a comment on it, that is your opening to talk about Daughters of the Nile and find out if they have a connection.
If your Temple has not had a Membership/Mentor Program presented at your Temple, you really need to check on the program and contact the Supreme Membership/Public Relations Committee to ask for the program to be presented. The committee members will help get a fire started in your Temple and, hopefully, get people more enthused about our wonderful
organization. If a Temple near you has a workshop going, attend and get educated. It is a lot of fun with lots to learn. Also, now there is another educational part to this workshop and it is about bullying. Yes, bullying does happen. You can learn how to recognize bullying and also
how to eliminate it.
At the end of the workshop day, those who attend will be a Certified Mentor. You will be able to help new members feel comfortable coming to Session, as they will know what to do.
Membership begins with “ME” and that means you need to be proactive in your proposing of new members and keeping tabs on the process for those whom you recommend.
Just remember – I have my duplicate member, have you found yours?

Jackie Patton, Past Queen
El Tehran Temple No. 122
Supreme Temple Membership/Public Relations Committee

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